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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A tribute to My nintendo dogs

"This is not my video but it highlights this fun and cute game and has one of my favorite songs"

Yes, I will admit at fist I blew this type of role playing game off but I am ever so sorry for that now. This game has made such a positive effect on my life that I am going to take a bit more of a personal take on this particular review. You see a few years back I had a wonderful Labrador retriever. He was my darling friend and a part of my family member. My children and I raised him as a pup, trained him, and took him everywhere.

His name was Lazlo from Richerd Hindliengs "Time Enough For Love" But when he was 3 and my children were still very little something heartbreaking happened. You see it truly does happen that people will steal a dog to sell. And like that we lost a part of our family. It was so hard for us to move on after losing him. But then comes this great little game. So thank you Nintendodogs for helping to mend my families and my childrens' broken hearts.

Nintendo Dogs is of course a fun game where you get to raise and train a dog and dress him up in all kinds of outfits. You get to explore using your stylus to learn how to master tricks. Of course don't forget to feed your pet and love him. And you even can tend to him when sick. For my children and I this game was wonderful because we could play together, learn together and heal together. But this game can get to the heart of anyone.

It is so fun and it doesn't matter what sort of a dog lover you are. Whether your love is a beagle, a chow, a terrier. You will find a little pooch who you will love minus having to clean up the poop. Or at least in real life.

This is a perfect game to use as a learning tool. What better way to teach your child to care for a bet than to give them a virtual pet they care care for. This is so far beyond the old giga pets. Nintendo Dogs really does give a realistic view in to owning a pet. They will learn everything they need to know to care for a pet. Knowledge is the best medicine. A child who truley understands the need of a pet cares for it better. So I recommend this game for children between 5-12 (girls especially). I also recomend parents play it with their kids, its a great way to connect with your little one and watch them love to learn!

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