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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Review: Meteos DS

Ever had anyone tell you to quit frying your brain on video games? I know we all have experienced that at one time or another. No matter if you are a spouse trying to please the other or a child trying to pacify your parents you can prove you arn't frying your brain! Here enters Meteos DS. Meteos DS is a well developed puzzle game that was specificaly designed to help your brain grown new nurons. Q Entertainment spent some time with a few bright scientists and took quite a bit of trouble to develop a puzzle game that was good for you!

After all that work how could you not go and download this game? This way next time someone thinks ur frying your brain, well challenge them to a game of Mereos and prove them wrong. This is one of the best puzzle games because it works on many levels. It is good for you AND it also has a fun story line with and interesting twist. If that isnt enough this games soundtrack is known as one of the best. The music alone pulls you in to the game.

What is most interesting is the way the developers integrated music was not only to make it sounds nice. Their research led them to integrating the music so that it would have additional stimulating effects on the brains neurons. Wow guys. Great thinking.

I recommend this game for anyone 15 and up. This game is especially good for us as we get older. What a fun and great way to keep our minds young!

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