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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tetris DS commercial

"Tetris DS - play online for addictive fun"

19 years and still going strong Tetris is still going strong. Most of us have been missing handheld Tetris since its last time on a hand held system back with the Game Boy Advance. I know many people who have kept their Game Boy Advance alive just to play this game. Now it's back better than ever.

While Tetris has slightly been reinvented for use on the Nintendo DS is still the same classic game only with a twist. Before I get in to some of the options of the game I am going to tell you why you want this game. Through the Nintendo DS options you can play this game online and world wide against other players. Up to 6 people can play against each other at once. Goodbye loneliness of tetra on the Game Boy Advance and hello competition. This is the single reason you want Tetris DS. It's fun, it's addictive, and you get to share the experience with others.

Now as I said Tetris DS is not the same old game though it does have the classic set up. The new additions to the game are great though, so do not worry! The new options enhance game play by creating whole new options for strategy. For example in Tetris DS there is a hold bin. This allows you to swap out pieces and develop new fun stratagies to keep your brain working. This game is defiantly brain food only it's way fun!

This game is available for download at Unlimited DS Downloads. This game took a little longer to download for some reason but was well worth it. The download was crisp and perfect. I just popped it on my SD card and I am now enjoying playing it with people around the world. There is a definate reason that Tetris is a must have for the Nintendo DS. I recomend Tetris for all age groups and advise you to download it right away.

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